gl with your hsc!

Thank you :) you too, if you’re doing them. And to any of my followers who are doing their HSC! Good luck!! Study hard but also take breaks so your brain doesn’t explode.

Your Tumblr is beautiful! *-* Perfect for One Piece' fans ;)

Thank you so much ^^ I appreciate all your love and support for this blog.

Your'e Back!

Not really, I’m still on hiatus. I felt bad that I’m not posting that much so I decided to post some things. I might come back after my HSC exams, I need to download eps, too :) please wait til then~ thanks so much.


I just opened up an account for society6 I sell KPOP iPhone cases, skins, laptop skins, shirts, hoodies, canvases, cards + more. Some of the stuff are expensive but I don’t set the prices :’( I would if I could. I only have SHINee stuff rn but I’ll see how I go. Pls check it out if you can, thanks.

This blog is awesome! I saw all the gifs! Its so good to see these gifs and remember about all those episodes!! One Piece is the best show ever!!

Thank you so much! AND YES IT IS THE BEST!!!